Bad 2 The Bone Women's Conference

By Vanilla1733 (other events)

Thu, Oct 13 2022 3:00 PM EST Sat, Oct 15 2022 6:00 PM EST

We are excited to present the Bad 2 the Bone! Womens Conference! 

God Intentionally Created the Women from the Rib Bone with a Unique and Powerful Assignment!!!  

This Conference is designed to Awaken Warrior Women and set their Souls Ablaze!

We were Formed to be Fighters, Birthed for Battle, Created to be Incredible, and Positioned to Protect!

In the  natural "Ribs" form a cage to protect the vital organs, heart (life) and lungs (breath).  Spiritually God is Calling His Ribs (Women) to Come Together to Form a  Spiritual Cage to Protect the HeartBeat of this Nation, and  to Breathe Life into our Homes, Community, and Cities!

Rise Women Rise! is our Rally Cry!!!

Every woman will leave the event with a personal victory and a renewed sense of her dynamic worth.  She will know her ASSIGNMENT and that she is Divinely Created to be Bad 2 The Bone!


Your ticket price includes all 3 days of the conference excluding the Brunch.  The workshops are included.  

The conference will be streamed online as well as in person.